Laurent Cordaillat’s teachings to infuse positivity into your life

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During a recent breakfast event organized by Hotelis Academy for our valued clients and partners, we had the privilege of delving into the wisdom of Laurent Cordaillat.

Laurent Cordaillat is a man of extraordinary experiences. Franco-Swiss, born in 1963, he has always resided in the Geneva region, but his numerous passions have taken him from rugby fields to the Arctic, through the mountains of Kilimanjaro and the peaks of Mont Blanc. His explorations have led him to live unique experiences, and he has mastered his fears.

Drawing from these experiences, sometimes extreme, Laurent has discovered the importance of attitude in facing challenges. While negativity deteriorates situations, a positive attitude is a precious ally for accessing happiness, succeeding in all aspects of life, and preserving one’s health. His unique adventures have strengthened his expertise in the field of positive attitude, allowing him to model it and apply it in every human interaction, including the business world.

Today, we are delighted to share these essential lessons, which we believe can help you cultivate a more positive perspective.

How to Generate a Positive Attitude?

1. Taking responsibility for oneself

Laurent emphasized that personal responsibility begins with a commitment to oneself. He stressed that a positive attitude stems from the ability to commit. “Today, people commit very little and say, ‘I’ll call you back,’ ‘see you later,’ ‘I decide not to decide,’ ‘I have so many choices that I don’t choose,’ etc. So it’s commitment that people need to be asked for. Individual responsibility is generated by the ability to commit. A positive attitude starts from there.”

2. Surrounding yourself with positive people

Laurent explained that our attitudes are influenced by our social environment because attitudes are contagious. Surrounding oneself with positive people can reinforce our own positivity. “The best way to generate this positive attitude is to meet positive people. Because attitudes are contagious. We are the average of the five people we most frequently pass time with.”

3. Verbalizing negativity:

Laurent encouraged the expression of negativity because acknowledging and verbalizing our negative thoughts can be the first step toward overcoming them. “Become aware of negativity: ‘I’m sorry, I’m very negative right now,’ and try to change the conditions to get out of this state of mind.”

4. Isolating negativity

He suggested isolating negativity or isolating oneself from negative situations when necessary. Sometimes, stepping back or protecting oneself from negative influences can help maintain a positive attitude. “When I have a big dose of negativity coming into my life, I take a notebook and objectively note down what is happening to me, and I also note down the things I feel subjectively. Generally, what happens is that I have 15 things objectively going well and 5 things subjectively going wrong, so the situation is not as horrible as I thought. It’s a very good tool for evaluating the situation and isolating negativity. You need to return to objectivity to regain a positive attitude.”

5. Sharing positive attitude

Laurent reminded that the more we share positive attitude, the more we reinforce it. He encouraged spreading positivity with others as it can create a virtuous circle. “Share your positive attitude as much as you can to fuel your own.”

6. Taking care of personal image

He emphasized the importance of working on the image one has of oneself. Learning to love oneself, to accept one’s imperfections, and to cultivate a positive self-image can contribute to a positive attitude. “If we don’t love our personal image, it brings negativity, but it can be worked on. We are all different and beautiful – we need to learn to love ourselves.”

7. Doing small acts of kindness

Laurent encouraged performing small positive actions for others. He mentioned that simple gestures, such as friendly surprises or acts of kindness, can not only help others but also strengthen our own positivity. “Doing something nice for our friends, sharing a good time, helping someone, etc., can help us cultivate this positive attitude.”

8. Physical aspect

He emphasized the importance of physical activity for mental health and physical well-being. Regular exercise can release endorphins and improve our mood, thus contributing to a positive attitude. “It’s important to move and practice sports for our mental health and to maintain our bodies.”

9. Having gratitude

Laurent invited us to be grateful for the time given to us rather than worrying about the past. He explained that how we perceive time can influence our attitude, and gratitude toward the present can strengthen a positive attitude. “Time is a matter of perspective. You are responsible for suspending your time and choosing how you use your time.”

Laurent shared nine valuable tools for cultivating a positive attitude (but you can learn even more in his book “The Alchemy of Positive Attitude”):

These profound teachings of Laurent Cordaillat highlight that a positive attitude is not just a mindset but a way of life that can enrich all aspects of our existence, whether it’s our personal life or our career. Cultivating a positive attitude requires reflection, commitment, and practice, but the rewards are priceless.

We are extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to speak with Laurent during this enriching breakfast and look forward to future encounters.

Laurent Cordaillat’s teachings to infuse positivity into your life

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