Hotelis Academy: Developing the skills of local hospitality professionals

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It is a well-known fact that Switzerland is home to some of the best hospitality schools in the world. However, there is a striking paradox that deserves our attention: while these institutions train talents from around the globe, they do not meet the needs of our local professionals.

Switzerland, known for its globally renowned hospitality schools, faces a unique challenge: the lack of tailored training for our local talents already active in the industry. These prestigious schools often focus on long-term programs, primarily aimed at young people from all corners of the world. Unfortunately, this creates a gap for Swiss professionals, eager to advance in their careers but unable to find training options tailored to their specific needs.

It is in this context that Hotelis Academy was established, bridging the gap between the growing demand for continuing education within our local hotels and the lack of continuing education opportunities in the country. Drawing on our years of experience with the Hotelis brand, we have developed a comprehensive catalog of courses delivered by local professionals and experts who have contributed to the Swiss hospitality sector for many years.

Our mission is clear: to contribute to the quality of the local and regional hospitality sector by providing today’s professionals with the skills necessary for their daily tasks. We want to equip and empower them to be part of the positive change happening in the industry.

That’s why we offer training in all departments, whether it’s floor management, service, kitchen, etc. What sets us apart from other schools is that our courses are affordable and tailored to our audience. They are short, relevant, without excessively encroaching on hoteliers’ time and adjusting to their complex schedules.

We work closely with hotels in the region, allowing us to listen carefully to their needs and adjust our course catalog based on current industry trends.

Hotelis Academy goes beyond the status of a school; we are your committed partner in the success of the Swiss hospitality world. By partnering with us, you provide your employees with the opportunity to acquire additional skills for even better results in the future.

Let’s shape the future of hospitality in Switzerland.

Hotelis Academy: Developing the skills of local hospitality professionals

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